Franco Moro appointed Chief Executive Officer of Stevanato Group, Franco Stevanato becomes Executive Chairman

Changes in leadership to strengthen the organization and position the company for further development and growth

Piombino Dese (PD), February 22, 2021 – Stevanato Group, a leading global provider of integrated containment and delivery solutions to the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries, today announced changes to the composition of its senior leadership team.

Franco Moro has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, replacing Franco Stevanato who has held the position since 2010. Franco Stevanato will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Sergio Stevanato has been appointed Chairman Emeritus, while Marco Stevanato will remain as Vice-Chairman. The changes, which are effective immediately, are an important step in ensuring Stevanato Group's future success, strengthening corporate governance and maintaining the deep commitment of the Stevanato family to the business. 

Franco Moro was previously Chief Operating Officer and interim Chief Human Resources Officer at Stevanato Group. He has significant experience in international manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici.

As incoming Chief Executive Officer, Franco Moro will oversee the execution of business development plans to grow and enhance the company’s end-to-end offering for pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies. In his role as Executive Chairman, Franco Stevanato will focus on long-term business strategy, acquisitions, expansion into global markets and relations with the Board of Directors.

Franco Stevanato, Executive Chairman of Stevanato Group, commented: “We see significant, sustainable opportunities across the industries we serve to accelerate the growth of our business. In my new role as Executive Chairman, I will continue the Stevanato family’s commitment to the company, focusing in particular on development projects to build the Stevanato Group of the future.”

Franco Moro, CEO of Stevanato Group, adds: “I am proud to become the new CEO of Stevanato Group, a multinational company with a strong heritage of partnership within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Together with our leadership team, we will devote the utmost effort to continue to offer high-quality systems, processes and services to our customers, helping them reach patients faster and improve patient outcomes.”

Stevanato Group:

Founded in 1949, Stevanato Group is one of the world's largest providers of integrated containment and delivery solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. From the beginning, the Group has developed its own glass forming technology to ensure quality of the highest standards. The Group includes a wide range of skills dedicated to serving the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industry. It offers glass containers with its historic Ompi brand, plastic components for diagnostics and medical devices, contract manufacturing services for drug delivery systems, up to inspection, assembly and packaging machines. The Group also provides analytical services and tests that study the interaction between container and drug and integration into delivery sys-tems, supporting the drug development process. By bringing together several skills under the same entity, Stevanato Group is able to offer unique solutions to companies by reducing the time to market and the overall cost.


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