Stevanato Group and Bormioli Pharma sign a collaboration agreementfor glass molded vials in EZ-fill® configuration

Biopharma companies will be counting on an additional supplier offering ready-to-use containers for their fill-finish processes and a faster drug product time-to-market

Stevanato Group, through Ompi, its specialist in glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, and Bormioli Pharma announce today a collaboration agreement.

The agreement will enable biopharma customers, contract filling organizations, and research laboratories to receive Bormioli Pharma’s proprietary primary containers in Ompi’s industry-recognized EZ-fill® secondary packaging configuration.

Bormioli Pharma is a leading Italian pharma primary packaging manufacturer. With seven manufacturing plants and a wide international commercial network, Bormioli Pharma operates in close partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and with all the businesses that are engineering the future of healthcare. The company serves the pharma and biopharmaceutical markets with integrated glass and plastic packaging solutions, always with one single goal in mind: to put health in the hands of the world.

Bormioli Pharma glass vials supplied in Ompi’s packaging configurations can be processed into existing fill-finish lines. EZ-fill® secondary packaging is designed to mitigate the risk of breakages, cosmetic issues, and particulate generation. It is the ideal solution from lab-scale manual filling up to the traditional filling process, allowing to accelerate the commercialization of pharmaceutical and biologics.


Andrea Zambon, Marketing & Product Management Director at Stevanato Group, said: "It is with great pride that we announce the agreement with Bormioli Pharma. EZ-fill® technology has over the years become the market standard and the reference in secondary packaging. Lean processes, flexibility, and ease of use are EZ-fill® key pillars, responding to the market’s rising demand for cost-efficient, scalable solutions. Customers can now count on an additional established player for the supply of ready-to-use parenteral vials.”

Andrea Sentimenti, Marketing & Innovation Manager at Bormioli Pharma, said: “As a partner of the pharma industry, we strive every day to go beyond the product, building dedicated services around it. The agreement with Stevanato Group is one more step forward in this direction and allows us to combine the high quality of our parenteral vials with the reliability of EZ-fill® technology. The result is a premium packaging solution for parenteral drugs, engineered to overcome the challenges of the most demanding injectables.”



About Stevanato Group:

Established in 1949, Stevanato Group is the world’s largest, privately-owned designer and producer of glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. From its outset, the Group has developed its own glass converting technology to ensure the highest standards of quality. The Group comprises a wide set of capabilities dedicated to serving the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries: from glass containers with its historical brand Ompi, to high-precision plastic diagnostic and medical components, to contract manufacturing for drug delivery devices, to vision inspection systems, assembly, and packaging equipment.

The Group also provides analytical and testing services to study container closure integrity and integration into drug delivery devices, streamlining the drug development process. Thanks to its unique approach as a one-stop-shop, Stevanato Group can offer an unprecedented set of solutions to biopharma companies for a faster time to market and a reduced total cost of ownership.

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About Bormioli Pharma:

Bormioli Pharma operates in close partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and with all the businesses that are engineering the future of healthcare. As a world-renowned player in the packaging industry, Bormioli Pharma serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market with integrated glass and plastic containers, closures, and packaging accessories using state-of-the-art materials and technologies.
Each product is a unique combination of rigorous studies, cutting-edge technology, extreme testing, advanced industrial processes, and the finest materials.
As a partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Bormioli Pharma invests and innovates with one goal in mind: improving people’s lives. Bormioli Pharma employees over 1200 people, produces 6.5 billion pieces every year and had an annual turnover of approximately €250 million in 2019.


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