Stevanato Group signs an exclusive agreement with Duoject Medical Systemsfor the manufacture, sales, and distribution of EZLINK™, an innovative vial-to-syringe adapter

Piombino Dese, Padua - March 20th, 2019. Stevanato Group announces today the collaboration and licensing agreement with the Canadian medical devices developer Duoject Medical Systems (Duoject) for the manufacture, sales and distribution of a vial-to-syringe adapter named EZLINK™.

EZLINK™ is a vial-to-syringe adapter featuring a needle that easily pierces a vial stopper and an innovative patented safety disc that protects users from sharps injuries and contamination, and that allows reconstitution of solid form drugs with any standard luer-lock diluent prefilled syringe.

EZLINK™ offers a safer alternative to vial adapters equipped with plastic spikes: the EZLINK™ needle reduces vial piercing force, improves vial attachment and prevents deformation or coring of the rubber vial stopper, ensuring no spring-back effect.   Moreover, it minimizes drug hold-up by providing the opportunity to select any size of transfer needle depending on drug viscosity.  The patented safety disk can only be activated by vial insertion and also locks the vial adapter after use, preventing reuse of the device.

The EZLINK™ device will be manufactured and distributed by Balda, the specialist in precision plastics injection molding which is part of Stevanato Group, and will use SVM’s assembling technology, the Group’s assembly and packaging specialist. These integrated synergies will secure maximum flexibility for device customization.

Duoject will benefit greatly from Stevanato Group's global sales and marketing organization covering 150 countries.

Steven Kaufman, Vice President of Drug Delivery Systems at the Stevanato Group, said: “We are extremely pleased with this agreement. Duoject is a long-term partner and an innovative company providing solutions to enhance drug administration. User safety and convenience are key for Stevanato Group: EZLINK™ perfectly fits in our safety devices portfolio. Together with ITC, - integrated Tip Cap - and ISS, the Integrated Safety System, both dedicated to glass syringes, EZLINK™ vial adapter brings a simple, yet effective technology for the reconstitution of solid form drugs guaranteeing drug efficacy and caregiver safety."

Daniel MacDonald, Vice President Engineering at Duoject, said: “Duoject is very pleased with this opportunity to collaborate with a valued partner such as Stevanato Group.  Their well-established integrated manufacturing and distribution network as well as their extensive global sales and marketing reach will enable end-users across the world to have access to the safety features and ease of use provided by the EZLINK™ design.  This partnership is consistent with Duoject’s vision to provide unique, safe and intuitive medical devices to the healthcare community.”


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About Stevanato Group

Established in 1949, Stevanato Group is the world’s largest, privately-owned designer and producer of glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. From its outset, the Group has developed its own glass converting technology to ensure the highest standards of quality. The Group comprises a wide set of capabilities dedicated to serving the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries: from glass containers with its historical brand Ompi, to high-precision plastic diagnostic and medical components, to contract manufacturing for drug delivery devices, to vision inspection systems, assembly, and packaging equipment. The Group also provides analytical and testing services to study container closure integrity and integration into drug delivery devices, streamlining the drug development process. Thanks to its unique approach as a one-stop-shop, Stevanato Group is able to offer an unprecedented set of solutions to biopharma companies for a faster time to market and a reduced total cost of ownership.

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About Duoject

Founded in 1985, Duoject Medical Systems is a provider of Design & Development services for innovative and patented medical devices.  Duoject develops technologies which meet the need for safety, precision and ease of use for preparation and/or administration of injectable drugs.  The company offers custom development services as well as ready-for-market products for various applications.  Duoject’s services range from initial proof of concept to design and engineering, Verification & Validation, regulatory and manufacturing support.

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