Stevanato Group signs an agreement with Iconovo for the manufacture,sales and distribution of an innovative inhaler, ICOcap

Piombino Dese, Padua - July 4th, 2018. Stevanato Group announces today the collaboration and licensing agreement with the Swedish inhalation developer Iconovo AB (ICO) for the manufacture, international sales and distribution of its capsule-based ICOcap inhaler.

ICOcap is designed for Inhaled drugs in capsules and can handle different capsule sizes. ICOcap can also be optimized to provide maximum product performance for a given drug formulation. ICOcap will be manufactured by Balda, the specialist in plastics which is part of Stevanato Group. Iconovo will also benefit greatly from Stevanato Group's global sales and marketing organization covering 150 countries.

Franco Stevanato, CEO of Stevanato Group, said: “We’re extremely pleased for this agreement with an innovative company such as Iconovo. It extends our product portfolio in the drug delivery systems field, particularly in the respiratory for asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  ICOcap is the result of a broad experience in inhalers and represents the first step of a collaboration which we hope could possibly extend to other products. By bringing in our extended commercial network and our global production footprint we can provide a system solution to Pharmaceutical customers, close to their manufacturing sites.”

"This is a very important deal for us because ICOcap will now be directly available as an off-the-shelf product to all our customers who prefer not to manufacture inhalers themselves. Stevanato Group is an ideal partner for us as it has the capabilities to manufacture the device." said Iconovo's CEO, Orest Lastow.

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Orest Lastow - CEO,

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About Stevanato Group

Founded in 1949, the Stevanato Group is the world’s largest privately-owned designer and producer of glass parenteral packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. It comprises two operational divisions dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical Systems division comprises Ompi, specializing in glass primary packaging, and Balda, focused on specialty plastics and delivery devices. The Engineering Systems division comprises Spami, Optrel, InnoScan and SVM, specializing in glass processing, inspection systems, assembly and packaging solutions. These two divisions enjoy a close, mutually supportive relationship, which ensures that Stevanato Group has complete control over the entire production process. The Group also benefits from the SG Lab activity that provides technical and analytical services on the potential interaction between drug and container.

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About Iconovo AB

Iconovo is an innovative Swedish company that develops pioneering, state-of-the-art inhalation devices. Each device can be customized and adapted to each customer’s unique needs and requirements. We are guided by science in everything we do, and we use our deep expertise in designing dry powder inhalation products to help our customers bring their product to the market faster and with less risk. Our ultimate goal is to offer people suffering from respiratory diseases a better quality of life and we strive towards that goal by developing new technologies that make a true difference for both customers and patients.

The company is based in Lund, and Iconovo's share (ticker ICO) is listed on Nasdaq First North, Stockholm, since April 6, 2018. Erik Penser Bank AB is the Company's Certified Adviser.
This is information that Iconovo AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. 

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