Stevanato Group introduces its new brand identity at Pharmapack - Paris,the key international Pharmaceutical Packaging and Drug Delivery event

The new brand image reinforces the company’s evolution to a one-stop-shop industry partner providing integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets

Piombino Dese, Padua February 7th, 2018 – Stevanato Group announces a comprehensive rebranding designed around its unique set of integrated capabilities, that bring together tailored components, systems and services under one roof.

Stevanato Group, the global producer of systems, process and services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, has carried out a brand review and today during Pharmapack Paris, is unveiling its new brand image supporting its evolution to a one-stop-shop partner with integrated solutions.

Effective from February 8th, Stevanato Group and its companies - Ompi, Balda, Spami, Optrel, InnoScan, and SVM - will be rolling out a new branding effort to reflect the vision of offering added value all round solutions ranging from top quality glass containers to specialty plastics, customized engineering systems and analytical services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

SG: one identity that reflects the synergies of best-in-class players under one roof

Thanks to the Group’s fast international growth, as well as to the acquisition of new technologies and expansion of the product portfolio and innovations, Stevanato Group now boasts a unique set of integrated capabilities. The new logos reflect a new identity that brings together tailored components, systems and services under one roof, SG.

Aristotle said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. The “SG” initials aside each company convey the continuous effort to enlarge each companies’ value propositions towards a 360°  approach that is enabled being part of Stevanato Group. SG represents a common approach, the engine of each company and the catalyst for their success.

Surrounding “SG” a revised symbol: the gear that reflects the historical industrial heritage with Ompi and conveys a strong yet open embrace, with a digital attitude to look to the future and innovate.

Three new colors symbolize the different expertise areas: blue for Pharmaceutical Systems, the division specialized in the production of glass containers for pharmaceutical use with Ompi and molded plastics solutions with Balda; green for Engineering Systems – the division which designs and manufactures glass tube forming machines, visual inspection machines for pharmaceutical containers, assembly, packaging and serialization solutions - and orange for Services, Stevanato Group’s laboratory that provides advanced analytical solutions.

Silvia Carestia, Stevanato Group Marketing & Communication Manager, said: “By bringing together different expertise under one umbrella, we can integrate along the value chain of our customers: from components to drug delivery systems, Stevanato Group can work hand in hand with pharmaceutical and healthcare clients, reducing their total cost of ownership with the goal to improve patients’ safety and quality of life.”


About Stevanato Group

Founded in 1949, the Stevanato Group is the world’s largest, privately owned designer and producer of glass parenteral packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. It comprises two operational divisions dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical Systems comprises Ompi, specializing in glass primary packaging, and Balda, focused on specialty plastics and delivery devices. The Engineering Systems comprises Spami, Optrel, InnoScan and SVM, specializing in glass processing, inspection systems, assembly and packaging solutions. These two divisions enjoy a close, synchronous relationship, featuring daily exchanges, which ensure that Stevanato Group has complete control over the entire production process. The Group also benefits from the SG Lab activity that provides technical and analytical services on the potential interaction between drug and container.