Medical Glass belongs among the TOP 10 companies in the Bratislava region

Medical Glass has been awarded during the third year of the prestigious award TOP 10 companies of the region organised by Hospodárske noviny daily. The ranking in the field of the healthiest small and medium-sized companies in the region is based on the public statements of finances during the past year.

We very much appreciate this award as it proves that we belong among the most successful companies in the Bratislava region. We take this award also as an inspiration for our continuous development, as we are aiming at continuously investing and strengthening our production of high quality glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry, and also establishing a sound business environment,“ Valerio Preti, Operations Director Medical Glass said.

Medical Glass is a manufacturing company located in Bratislava producing glass vials and ampoules for pharmaceutical use. With the award in the rankings of the most successful companies in the Bratislava region, Medical Glass has proved to be one of the companies that contributes to the quality of the business environment in Slovakia.

The appraisal is particulrly significant as the majority of the employment in the region is coming from small to medium-sized enterprises.

We are committed to be a reliable partner of pharmaceutical customers, offering added value solutions for patients´ safety,“ Valerio Preti added.

The ranking of the most successful companies is compiled by Hospodárske noviny in cooperation with partners on the basis of publicly available indicators from the financial statements.

The award is always received by ten companies from the region in five categories: trading companies with a turnover of 2-9.99 mil., trading companies with a turnover of 10-50 mil., production companies with a turnover of 2-9.99 mil., manufacturing companies with a turnover of 10-50 mil. This year also includes a common category for trading and manufacturing companies with the turnover from 500,000 to 1,99 million.