Ompi EZ-fill becomes an internationally recognized standard platform for RTU sterile containers

The recent licensee partnership agreement with Gerresheimer reaffirms Ompi EZ-fill as the reference sterile process technology able to minimize pharma and biotech companies’ total cost of ownership.

Ompi, the company within Stevanato Group specialized in glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, has signed a license agreement with Gerresheimer. The agreement reaffirms Ompi EZ-fill solution as the worldwide proven standard in processing sterile glass vials and cartridges.

After the launch of Ompi EZ-fill Vials & Cartridges in 2007, Ompi was the first one in the market to provide a full range of RTU product portfolio. Through Ompi EZ-fill process technology, ready to use containers are washed, sterilized and provided in trays or in nests and tubs. Ompi EZ-fill is the ideal solution either with small batches, initially at the clinical trials stage, or with industrial production. Over the years, the technology has proven unique advantages. Pharmaceutical customers and biotech companies can benefit from an easy, flexible and streamlined process as they can immediately fill the ready to use vials and cartridges, ultimately reducing their total cost of ownership.

“In 2016, SGD Pharma joined the platform, marking a first step in the definition of Ompi EZ-fill as a standard. - says Andrea Zambon, Marketing Director – Pharmaceutical Systems Division at Stevanato Group – “The recent agreement with Gerresheimer witnesses the strength of this technology, which can be further expanded to other glass primary packaging suppliers.”

Ompi enjoys a unique market positioning in the sterile glass primary packaging market. In addition to EZ-fill process technology, it offers a comprehensive service solution including consultancy on fill-finish machines and analytical and regulatory support.

EZ-fill® is a registered trademark of Nuova Ompi Srl.