New corporate identity for Stevanato Group in line withthe company's growth and international expansion objectives

In order to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market and accompany the Group's evolution and mission, Stevanato Group—international leader in the production of insulin cartridges and glass containers for pharmaceutical use and in technology for glass tube forming machines and visual inspection machines—updates its corporate identity.

'A consistent image is essential to distinguish the company and be readily and clearly identifiable on the market' commented Gabriele Peron, the Group's Marketing Manager. 'We currently market our products in 150 countries worldwide, so in order to keep the pace with the growth trend we've had in recent years and with our ambitious international expansion, we decided to refresh our graphic identity. This is an important project, with which we aim to define the rules for our future development.'

Thanks to strategic choices and significant investments, in over 65 years of business the Group's companies have reached a production capacity of over 3.5 billion glass containers a year, and have acquired technological leadership in the development of glass tube forming machines for pharmaceutical use. With a workforce of 1,900 people employed in production plants and sales facilities in Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, Mexico, USA and China, the Group currently operates through two divisions covering two different but synergistic market segments: Pharmaceutical Systems, specialised in the production of glass containers for pharmaceutical use, and Engineering Systems, which designs and manufactures glass tube forming machines and visual inspection machines for pharmaceutical containers.

The rebranding involved the logo of the Group and all its brands—namely Ompi, Spami, Optrel, InnoScan—to make them visually more recognisable within Stevanato Group, by conveying their distinct essence. 'We needed to distinguish both the Group and every single brand within its field of business'—continued Gabriele Peron—'each brand and each logo has indeed its own identity. They all convey authoritativeness, reliability and stability'.

The logos, which all have a distinctive graphic sign in different colours, were updated and differentiated according to their relevant sector. Each one was then harmonised with the brand name in black, with the exception of the Stevanato Group logo. The brand names all give a modern impression thanks to the use of evolved, sober fonts with clean and simple graphics denoting efficiency and organisation.

'For the holding company, we chose a very clean writing with a clear, easily legible font in a different colour compared to the other brands: two shades of grey, one dark and the other one lighter. An unpretentious choice that conveys expertise at the same time' added Gabriele Peron.

The restyling began with Ompi—the historical brand of Stevanato Group and a reference for the pharmaceutical sector—which offers a full range of glass products for primary packaging and has various subsidiaries (Nuova Ompi, Alfamatic, Medical Glass, Ompi of America, Ompi North America and Ompi of China). The intervention consisted in a rationalisation process in order to enhance Ompi's brand identity through a single image throughout the world. Blue was chosen for the brand's distinctive graphic element—the gear, which now features softer lines. As for the colour, it is widely used in the healthcare sector as it reflects reliability, trust and respect.

For Spami—a leader in the design and construction of high-speed machines for the production and control of glass tube containers, which has evolved to the point of constructing complete glass tube forming machines —a stylised green 'S' was chosen as the graphic element: it evokes the infinity symbol and reflects the design of processes.

In order to highlight the long tradition of Optrel, a brand of the Engineering Systems division specialised in inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry, a stylised eye was inserted in the logo as the defining element and appears in the total black and coloured versions (black pupil and three-colour red-green-blue iris).

Lastly, for InnoScan—a leader in pharmaceutical inspection systems that is part of the Group's Engineering Systems Division—the restyling of the logo (a red stylised I and S) didn't change much from the previous image of this sector’s leader.

The new corporate identity of Stevanato Group and the new Internet websites will be launched during Interpack, the major international trade fair for the packaging and industrial process sector, held in Düsseldorf from 8th to 14th May.