Stevanato Group sponsors the exhibition "Vetro Murrino, da Altino a Murano"

An exhibition called "Vetro Murrino, da Altino a Murano", sponsored by Stevanato Group, will take place starting from 17th June 2012 until 6th January 2013. The topic of the exhibition is the murrina technique in its various expressions from Roman times to the present days in Murano. The exhibition will be organized in two locations at the same time, the Altino National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Glass of Murano (Venice), and aims to offer a sort of 'comparison' between the Roman murrine glass and their reproduction realised at the end of XIX century in Murano, but at the same time, to enhance the Veneto region, through a rich and fertile connection.

The exhibition has been organized by Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Chiara Squarcina, Margherita Tirelli, with Rosa Chiesa, Francesca Elisa Maritan and Francesca Pederoga.

For this occasion a book has been published, "Vetro Murrino, da Altino a Murano" (Vianello Libri, Treviso, 2012), dedicated to Cesare Moretti, a very important figure in the Venetian glass scenery, recently disappeared.