Doubling the size of the plant in Mexico

"Organic growth", said Company President Cav. Sergio Stevanato, "is the basis of every solid industrial company. That's why, in keeping with our business plan, we have decided to begin doubling the plant in Mexico. The investment plan will initially open with the amount of 4.5 million Euros, which is expected to double early in 2012, and will reach 30 million by the time the plant has been completed."

The Monterrey plant, inaugurated just 3 years ago in northern Mexico, is located in a strategic position to supply the North American market and is equipped with the industry’s most advanced process technologies. Stevanato Group has managed its design, building and development directly through its Engineering Division, Spami.

The facility is situated on an 40,000 m2 lot, 20,000 m2 of which will be covered upon completion of the project. It will employ 250 people and will be capable of supplying enough glass containers, ampoules, vials and cartridges for pharmaceutical use to satisfy the demand of not only the North American market but also the South and Central American markets as well.